The European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) has commissioned Ecorys and Spark Legal and Policy Consulting to undertake a study to understand the policy and regulatory landscape supporting job retention and encouraging return to work (RTW) for cancer patients and survivors.


The overall aims of the study are to:

  • Conduct an analysis of existing policies in EU Member States and the EEA EFTA States.
  • Examine the main obstacles and challenges to the successful implementation of policies.
  • Provide a view on the future planning of policies and legislation to support cancer patients and survivors in retaining their jobs and/or returning to work.
  • Identify any unmet needs of cancer patients and survivors.


As part of the study, several consultation activities are being conducted to engage with key stakeholders to gain a better understanding of the current policy and legislative landscape, as well as challenges and unmet needs, with regards to job retention and RTW for cancer patients and survivors.

This survey is part of these consultation activities and aims to validate the information that has already been collected on existing and planned measures that support job retention and return to work in EU Member States and the EEA EFTA States. Relevant measures include both cancer-specific measures, which focus specifically on cancer patients and survivors, as well as more general measures (such as ‘employment equality acts’, social security benefits or provisions from a labour code) focusing on disabled individuals or those with chronic illnesses, in those instances where they also apply to cancer patients and/or survivors.

Study on job retention and return to work for cancer patients and survivors - Image

Furthermore, this survey seeks to gather views on:

  • The gaps, obstacles and remaining challenges for cancer patients and survivors in relation to returning to work.
  • The extent to which information and services are accessible to cancer patients and survivors.
  • Good practices and recommendations for future action.


The survey targets a wide range of stakeholders, encompassing EU and international institutions and agencies, national and sub-national authorities, third-sector associations, and societies representing or supporting cancer patient groups, networks of OSH, and social partners. Responses are welcomed from anyone involved in job retention and RTW policies for cancer patients and survivors, and from those representing these individuals.

Participate via this link, , which will remain open until Tuesday 19th February 2024.

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