This year’s World Cancer Day‘s theme, “Close the Care Gap”, is all about making sure leaders know that a commitment to prioritising cancer is needed. A commitment to creating innovative strategies designed to confront inequity and to investing resources to achieve a just and cancer-free world. It is urgent to address the inequities that hinder equitable cancer treatment and prevention.

Empowering the Fight Against Cancer: Resources for Closing the Care Gap - Image

As the world celebrates World Cancer Day we, at ECHoS, want to reaffirm our collective commitment to empowering the fight against cancer and bridging the disparities in access to quality care. In ECHoS, we are on our way to produce models and guidelines for the creation of sustainable National Cancer Mission Hubs, structures envisaged to break silos and create bridges within and beyond the health care, research, and innovation triangle. Open discussion forums for citizens must be created that echoes the needs of those suffering from cancer, namely patients, families, friends, and caregivers. We already have too many reasons, we don’t need one more.

Empowering the Fight Against Cancer: Resources for Closing the Care Gap - Image

To support closing the care gap, we must empower individuals, communities, and healthcare systems with available knowledge and tools such as:



These resources provide valuable information and support for individuals and communities affected by cancer. By empowering ourselves with knowledge and advocating for equitable access to care, we can collectively work towards closing the cancer care gap.

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