National Cancer Mission Hubs (NCMHs) aim to bring together a broad range of stakeholders to implement EU Mission on Cancer and the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan at national, regional, and local levels.

While the engagement of researchers, health professionals, and patient advocacy groups in cancer activities is rather straight-forward, the broader involvement of communities beyond health and research, such as the civil society, is less obvious.

Join us June 26, from 15:00 CET, on this dynamic ECHoS practitioner community series webinar that will focus on how NCMHs can reflect, explore, and strategise their engagement with the wider public, communities, and civil society, leveraging their unique strengths and how to bring them to the table. This approach will allow NCMHs, and partners, achieve impactful results that go far beyond traditional approaches.

NCMHs and Community Engagement Beyond Patient Advocacy Groups - Image

Preliminary Agenda:

  1. Presentation: Community Engagement & National Cancer Mission Hubs: What Options?
    Presenter: Dheepa Rajan, European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies
    Duration: 40 minutes (including Q&A session)
  2. Break-out Sessions:
    Small group discussions on practical actions for Hub-like structures during the setup process, moderated by OBS staff
    Duration: 35 minutes
  3. Conclusions:
    Duration: 15 minutes

Register Now: Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with leading experts and gain deep insights into one of Europe’s most essential health initiatives!


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