Join us on Tuesday, April 23, from 11 AM to 12 PM CET for a comprehensive webinar that delves into the transformative impact of the EU Cancer Mission. Open for registration on ZOOM, this event will also be streamed on the ECHoS YouTube channel.

This will be the first entry in the Cancer Mission Impact: A Practitioner’s Series. Learn. Test. Come-back.

Expert Insights by Prof. Christine Chomienne: Featuring Prof. Christine Chomienne, Vice-Chair of the Horizon Europe Cancer Mission Board, this webinar will provide a platform for discussing the critical role and strategic impact of the Cancer Mission in modern healthcare.

Why Missions? A Mission in Health: the EU Cancer Mission - Image

Moderated by Dr. Marius Geantă, President of the Centre for Innovation in Medicine and one of the ECHoS Work package leaders, the session promises an engaging and insightful exploration of the Cancer Mission’s scope and significance.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Foundation and Focus: How did the Cancer Mission Board initiate its work, and what are the primary goals aimed at addressing current needs in cancer research and patient care?
  • Education and Engagement: Discussion on enhancing cancer education for healthcare professionals, researchers, and the public, including strategies for engaging academia and other hard-to-reach stakeholders.
  • Patient-Centric Research: Insights into integrating patient and citizen perspectives into the Cancer Mission’s research and policy frameworks, highlighting the role of their participation.
  • Innovations and Breakthroughs: An overview of recent breakthroughs and areas of innovation that the Cancer Mission aims to accelerate, with a focus on personalized medicine and overcoming current challenges.
  • Future Vision: Considerations on the Cancer Mission’s long-term impact on the European healthcare landscape and the global cancer research community.

Who Should Attend: This webinar is ideally suited for healthcare professionals, researchers, policymakers, and anyone engaged or interested in the advancement of cancer care and research.

Register Now: Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with leading experts and gain deep insights into one of Europe’s most essential health initiatives!


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