TÜSEB, Türkiye Cancer Institute organized the Future Health-Genomics Congress on December 8-9, 2023 in Istanbul pertaining to Genomic Studies in the field of cancer, rare diseases, and public health in Istanbul.


The Türkiye Genome Project Data Sharing Portal launched at the congress with attendance of international researchers, academics, and industry professionals.  ECHOS was introduced to the international scientific community at the congress, which included renowned scientists including Prof. Dr. Enzo Medico who is the leader of canSERV ENPO & EMTBN initiatives and Coordinator of the EurOPDX RI, University of Torino; Prof. Dr. Andre Utterlinden, the leader of the “Genome of Europe” working group within the European 1 + Million Genomes sequencing project; Dr. Alona Sosinsky, scientific director of Genomics of England; Dr. Said I. Ismail, Director of Qatar Genome Programme as speakers.

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