The current report documents the completion of Milestone 13 (MS 13), part of Task 6.2 in work package 6 (WP6) of the ECHoS Project.

This document aims to collect information on the current state of play of citizen engagement on cancer among EU member states and associated countries within ECHoS. It was developed by the Austrian National Public Health Institute GÖG within the scope of Task 6.2 – ‘Citizens’ Engagement and Participation Activities’.

The analysis reveals a complex, varied and very interesting landscape of communication strategies, citizen engagement, and regulatory and funding mechanisms across different countries. While there are outstanding examples of comprehensive strategies and robust frameworks, the overall picture indicates significant disparities and areas for improvement for example of regulatory framework, transparency and monitoring. Enhancing training, transparency and monitoring, along with establishing consistent regulatory and funding mechanisms, could significantly improve the effectiveness of citizen engagement in health policy across Europe.


Authors: Barbara Fröschl, Anita Gottlob, Daniela Rojatz, and Claudia Habl



Milestone 13 - Image