The current report documents the completion of Milestone 8 (MS8) under Work Package 3, Task 3.3. It outlines the preliminary activities and key findings in our effort to enhance the capacity of ECHoS collaborators for establishing complex partnerships with multiple stakeholders.


The activities have focused so far on identifying needs and gaps that must be considered when developing models for stakeholder engagement and cooperation. The present report also explores the opportunities to address areas in cancer care where dominant designs are missing, leveraging the comprehensive multistakeholder approach of the Mission on Cancer.


These may act as baseline use cases in Work Package 3, guiding the development of activities centred on multistakeholder engagement. The various insights will also inform future National Cancer Mission Hubs in building successful partnerships, ensuring an impactful contribution from all relevant actors to the Cancer Mission.


Authors: Marine Jeanmougin, Ketil Widerberg


Milestone 8 - Image