Lancet Oncology Groundshot Commission: Evidence Base and Road Map for Cancer Research in Europe

Join us for an insightful webinar featuring Professor Mark Lawler as he presents the Lancet Oncology Groundshot Commission: Evidence Base and Road Map for Cancer Research in Europe. This session is an essential watch for anyone invested in the future of cancer research and healthcare policy in Europe.

Reimagining Cancer Research in Europe: Mark Lawler sets the scene by addressing the current cancer crisis in Europe, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and economic downturns. He emphasizes the necessity of using data-driven approaches to guide cancer research and policy-making.

Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Care: Discover the alarming data on how the pandemic affected cancer diagnosis and treatment across Europe, including a significant drop in endoscopy procedures and missed cancer screenings.

“Seven out of ten people with suspicion of cancer not going to their GP, 4 out of 10 cancer patients not getting access to their chemotherapy.” – Mark Lawler

European Groundshot Vision: Learn about the ambitious goal of achieving 70% long-term survival by 2035 across all European countries. This vision is grounded in reality and the challenges Europe faces, hence the name “Groundshot.”

Research is not a luxury; it delivers better care for patients.” – Mark Lawler

Gender Equality in Cancer Research Leadership: Insights into the gender disparities in cancer research leadership across Europe and the need to learn from countries like Norway, which are leading the way in gender equality.

Only five out of 31 countries have reached our 45% target for female cancer research leadership.” – Mark Lawler

Underfunding and Research Portfolio Diversity: The session highlights the significant underfunding in areas like prevention, screening, surgery, radiotherapy, and pathology. Lawler calls for a more comprehensive research portfolio that addresses these gaps.

“Investing in pathology is crucial for precision oncology.” – Mark Lawler

Survivorship and the Right to Be Forgotten: Discuss the need for specific research and policies to support cancer survivors, including eliminating financial toxicity and implementing the right to be forgotten for cancer patients.

“Cancer survivors face unacceptable discrimination in 2023.” – Mark Lawler

Global Perspective: The importance of not being insular and driving cancer research globally, especially in low and middle-income countries, to address the rising cancer burden.

“Health-related research should be seen as an investment, not an expense.” – Mark Lawler

Data-Driven Policy and Implementation: Introduction of the European Cancer Pulse program to monitor cancer inequalities and the International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership to identify factors contributing to differences in cancer outcomes.

“Consistent cancer policy leads to better outcomes.” – Mark Lawler

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge from a leading expert on how we can reshape cancer research and policy for a better future. Watch the full webinar now and be part of the change!

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