Establishing of Cancer Mission Hubs: Networks and Synergies

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ECHoS Project

ECHoS is an European project, funded by Horizon Europe Programme, that aims to support the implementation of the Cancer Mission activities in all Member State and Associated Country (MS/AC) through the establishment and development of National Cancer Mission Hubs (NCMHs) operating at national, regional, and local levels. By establishing NCMHs in each MS/AC, European citizens and organisations in health, research, and beyond, will be voiced and their voices will echo together.









ECHoS at a glance

Our ambition is to further support the Cancer Mission by providing MS/AC with the capacity to gradually create NCMHs, operating at national, regional, and local levels, that will have a key role involving all relevant stakeholders, in cancer-related policy dialogues.

icon Promote

the creation of National Cancer Mission Hubs in MS/AC, and establish a network of support to advance Cancer Mission across Europe.

icon Create

synergies for the implementation of the Cancer Mission with other European initiatives towards a "Cancer in All" approach.

icon Develop

the foundations for a European network of NCMHs by developing a business continuity and operations model framework.


ECHoS Structure

All partners have key roles in their respective countries.  Together, we form a strong pool of knowledge and expertise to reach General and Specific project objectives via six ECHoS Work Packages.

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Banner NCMHs and Community Engagement Beyond Patient Advocacy Groups

26th June 2024

National Cancer Mission Hubs (NCMHs) aim to bring together a broad range of stakeholders to implement EU Mission on Cancer and the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan at national, regional, and local levels.   While the engagement of researchers, health professionals, and patient advocacy groups in cancer activities is rather straight-forward, the broader involvement of communities beyond health and research, such as the civil society, is less obvious.   This dynamic...
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Banner 1st Greek Forum on Cancer: Policy, Research & Funding Strategies

1st July 2024
to 2nd July 2024

As Greece moves towards the implementation of a National Cancer Plan, the adoption of corresponding policies and funding strategies is necessary for the effective management of cancer, the promotion and strengthening of cancer research, and the improvement of healthcare services. At the same time, since 2021, the European Commission, by developing “The European Cancer Plan” and “EU Mission on Cancer” program, has focused on the need to better understand cancer...
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Banner EU Cancer Mission - First project cluster policy webinar: Understanding Cancer

4th July 2024

The first Mission Cancer project cluster policy webinar will explore how to work together to make better use of project results in the area of understanding cancer. The webinar will take place on 4th of july, from 9:30 to 12:30 CEST. This #EUHPP Live Webinar will bring together stakeholder and citizen perspectives on research and innovation, providing early exposure to the cluster projects launched under the Cancer Mission.
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Banner 1st CCI4EU Capacity Building Conference

10th October 2024
to 11th October 2024

CCI4EU (Capacity building in Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructures) is a European project aiming to help Member States and Associated Countries improve or develop their existing or future Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructures (CCIs), by helping develop their research & innovation-related capacities. The CCI4EU project will run over 3 years. It has already defined and created a Maturity Model with quality indicators, to map the status of CCIs throughout the EU and potentially in...
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