Agency for Clinical Research and Biomedical Innovation (AICIB)

AICIB mission is to promote, coordinate, and support activities in the
areas of clinical and translational research and biomedical innovation, contributing to the
optimisation of Portugal’s clinical, scientific, and technological potential. AICIB activities are
structured around 3 strategic pillars: i) Foster clinical research and biomedical innovation; ii)
Train and create a national clinical research and biomedical innovation network, and; iii)
Stimulate the internationalisation of clinical research and biomedical innovation.

AICIB is the coordinator of ECHoS project. It is our responsibility to ensure that all tasks –
including performance reporting – are performed on time, on budget and on scope. At the
strategic level, it is our responsibility to ensure that ECHoS work is aligned with the aims of
EU Mission on Cancer and with the needs of the European community in health, research
and beyond by engaging in multiple interactions and policy dialogues at both organisation
and citizen’s level. In addition, AICIB leads multiple tasks in different work packages,
including communication, and is responsible to harmonise and linking needs and
competencies of complementary consortium members.

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